The debut of Stonehenge on the silver screen

It’s just been brought to my attention that the BFI has finally made their footage of Stonehenge from 1900 publicly available online (until now you needed to visit their mediatheque in person or log in via an institution to see it). I’ve been trying to chase details on the background and life of this footage for a while now, so I’m glad it’s now officially in the public domain so I can share the love.

My question is: could this be the oldest surviving footage of an archaeological site on film?

The cool thing about such material is it raises interesting possibilities about using old footage as an alternative form of evidence for interpreting archaeological sites – and if you’re interested in that then you might be interested in Amara Thornton’s research and UCL’s Filming Antiquity project. There is so material much on shelves, in private homes and in public institutions, trapped on celluloid and slowly rotting away, so it’s great to see action being taken in this field. Very cool stuff.

Check it out and let us know what you think! Happy Monday!

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